Mad Glass


First of all the company launched the Dragon Creative campaign platform Kickstarter Mad Glass to raise $ 100,000,

Australian dollars necessary to establish a module production augmented reality.

As a result Mad Glass specs, able to turn any points into the Google Glass.

Although before the end of the campaign is still 5 days, the project successfully reached the set goal,

collecting $ 106.082 with the help of 125 Becker.

Source – Google

Mad Glass specs is a wearable augmented reality device that also allows you to use a GPS-navigator and

translation applications, and even games.

furthermore Augmented Reality module can be purchased at platform Kickstarter for as low as $ 839.

Translation in real time.

When traveling on a foreign country, MAD Glass will help its owner to transfer all labels that

fall within the field of view of the gadget, thanks to the application, auto.

Source – Google


MAD Glass also allows you to make phone calls, send and receive messages, send media files,

and also use the personal assistant of PDA and any other media applications.

Source – Google

Modern people spend with their smartphones almost all the time,

and because the replacement smartphone smart glasses MAD Glass can free up some time.

Entertainment and games.

Also now the consumers will be able to play favorite games as a result they don’t need to look at the screen or other devices augmented reality,it takes games to almost more exciting level.

Source – Google


Hence the owners of this module will no longer need to wander in search of the roads.

With a map and also the instructions on how to get to your destination, so the user will no longer miss a turn.

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