Push for Prota

Push for Prota

Push for Prota, an automated, app-powered “robot finger,” currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, can push nearly any mechanical button. In other words, it makes dumb buttons smart.

Consider: It could turn on your crock-pot or coffee maker at a scheduled time. Or flip a light switch. Or even open the garage door when you get home.

Push for Prota
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Because it can integrate with the likes of Hue, IFTTT, WeMo and even Pebble smartwatches, the possibilities are fairly endless.

The device is a plastic and filled with gears and a battery, so it’s not tiny. You just need to stick it on each device you want controlled, something like a light switch, you’ll need two: one to toggle up and one to toggle down.

how to install push for prota

The Microbot uses adhesive foam tape to adhere just about anywhere, but can also be easily relocated, according to developer Naran.

The company also says the Microbot’s rechargeable battery should last about six months on a charge.

You can operate the Microbot manually by tapping the capacitive button on the top side, or engage it from your smartphone or tablet.

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However, to fully realize its capabilities, you need the Prota Box — a wireless hub that adds Wi-Fi, therefore allowing for Push control when you’re outside the home.

It integrates with the aforementioned services and enables the kind of automation that makes the Microbot actually useful.

Sound like something you could use? You do not have to wait as the delivery date started in April 2016. What’s more.

A single Microbot will cost you $39 as an early backer; adding the Prota Box brings your total to $159. There’s also a $249 starter kit that includes the Prota and three Microbots.

If you need to remotely control a light switch, why not just buy a smart switch?

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